It'll Be Fine: A True StoryIt’ll Be Fine: A True Story by Rebecca Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! This book is a raw story about a woman’s struggle to find spiritual meaning in her life. Her desire to start this journey comes from heartbreak and the pit of despair. The story begins with the first date. As she tells the story of their relationship, she speaks of her past and the current demon of fear holds her back. Wesley encourages her to see beyond the wall of fear she has placed around herself as a protection. But when he breaks her heart, she has a choice to make. Stay in the pit of self-pity and fear or become a woman who makes her own happiness.

It was an excellent book and I don’t like memoirs. I chose a four because I felt there were a few places in the beginning that could have been cut. Overall, the author laid everything on the table. She didn’t edit her language and she wrote the honest truth of how many women feel about sex, love, heartache, and beauty. By the end, I wanted to hug this woman and cheer her on.

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