Writing Resources


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I will be the first to admit I have not read her novel Eat, Pray, Love but I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it took the stress off. Stress kills the creativity bug more than anything. Lately I have been struggling with block. Not writer’s block but something blocking me from finishing the first major edit on my manuscript for my series. Mainly because I have put so much pressure on myself that it has to be the best. No flaws, no telling, more showing. Round and round the hamster wheel of my brain. But Elizabeth approaches writing in a calm matter. A way in which it comes to you but you just have to keep writing, practicing for the right moments. Most writing will be bad but when the right idea clicks, your writing practice will allow for something great. Ride the waves of success and failure but don’t look back, let them roll on.


Plot Perfect

By Paula Munier

Reading one set of Joanna Penn’s show notes. I came across the recommendation for this book. I have seen it on various other writing sites and so I picked it up. Even if you have started your novel, which I have, it still gives you plenty to improve upon before sending your manuscript to anyone. I have only started the second chapter but I feel like Paula has taught more than any English professor did in college. Be prepared for homework. #amwriting



The Creative PENN

Joanna Penn’s podcast is my current go-to on Podcast Addict. Her interviews are fabulous. I follow her blog The Creative Penn and have listened to just a few of her Q & A on Facebook live. She is full of information and very encouraging.  Check her out!


Writing Down the Bones 

By Natalie Goldberg

The very first resource that I picked up. Honestly, I found in my brother-law’s old bedroom, left among high school shirts and old college books. It is one of the most encouraging books that encouraged me to return to writing after five years and overcome my self-doubt. Just write, Natalie encourages. You might write crap one day but then you might wright something brilliant. I go back to it when I have a writer’s block.