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Prepping for Whole30 (Round 2)

Many of you have been asking questions about Whole30. What is it? First of all, this is not a diet for weight loss and Melissa Hartwig, the co-creator, specifically asks you not to weigh or take measurements during the month you choose to do this. The goal of the Whole30 Program is to understand how the food you are eating affects you. So for 30 days or a month, you focus on eating fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meat. Forget all grains, sugars, dairy or processed food. Are you freaking out? A month’s so long…It isn’t. I promise.

After doing whole30 the first time. I found out sugar and I didn’t get along. Especially chocolate. What? That’s a mom’s go-to. I was so bummed but I found that if I really need a fix. Cocoa, banana and almond butter are yummy together and don’t make me regret anything. Without sugar, my mood is better and so is my stomach. Also, I noticed how tired I became when we introduced grains. Not processed grains but homemade bread, hamburger buns, etc. So now it is a choice. Occasionally, that warm bread, fresh from the oven, is totally worth an afternoon snooze. My husband found that dairy and vegetable fats bothered him in ways that evacuated a room. He decides whether the big cheeseburger is worth it. The Whole30 diet made us question every food choice? Is it worth how it makes us feel? Do we feel amazing or miserable?

Do you have bad relationship with food and are a semi-healthy adult*? Try it. You can do this detox. Trust me. If you want feel better and change eating habits, do it. No it is not easy but if you prep for it. It will be easier than you think.

Our family’s Whole30 staples.

 Almond Butter – Watch the ingredients. Roasted or Raw Almonds should be the only thing listed.




Coconut milk – This particular brand has a Whole30 approved ingredient list. I have yet to find a coconut milk that is approved in a carton or in the dairy aisle.



For your summer fun – Whole30 Mayo. This is not a necessity but I wanted some potato salad this summer.




Almonds and raisins make great snacks.



You have to watch the ingredient list but larabars are life savors and a meal when necessary.



And probably the coolest find this time around is from Thrive Market. Melissa Hartwig has developed two Whole30 kits for purchase.

Disclaimer: Please Read! I am not a doctor but I would not recommend this diet to a pregnant/nursing mother, those on many medications, or those that have thyroid issues. The diet can be restricting and cause nutrient deficiencies if you are not careful. Please see a nutritionist before doing a drastic change to your diet. (Ladies, this diet may make the monthy cycle heavier than usual.)

Some of you may ask, do your children do it? The answer is yes, most of the time. We encourage milk each morning because they are growing. They are given high quality butter because they need plenty of healthy fat for their brains to develop. However, they usually follow the no sugar or processed foods majority of the time.  (Our 2yr old didn’t learn what cold cereal was until Grandpa’s house this summer. Am I okay with that? Yes, because he didn’t like it. His belly wasn’t interested in the sugar. He is learning a good relationship with food. WIN!)


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