AH!! Writer’s Block! Blank Page Shock!

Before you thought about making a living on writing, all you needed was a notebook and a pen or pencil. Now you are making the plunge and see if you take your scribbling to the next level. Making a brand. Publishing. Author blog. Lo and behold, there are a zillion decisions, questions, ideas and thoughts that you didn’t even imagine when you started googling. If you’re like me you almost wish that you never even touched the Google search engine and you were still just scribbling away at your notebook. Why? Because all these questions stress our brain and block us. Grr!

Seriously, none of the great authors had WriteWay, Scrivener or dictate on their phones to help them become great writers. Jane Austen wrote with a quill and paper for crying out loud. Is your audience unwilling to wait for your new book if it takes you longer than a year to write? I think not. Whether you are under a deadline or not, try one of these steps clear your mind and write.


1. Walk away from the computer. Silence the phone and just write. Doesn’t matter what. Just write ideas, thoughts, character flaws, etc. Pen to paper.read-a-thousand-books-and-your-words-will-flow-like-a-river Writefuljourney.com

2. Read. Read your favorite authors. Read a completely different genre.

3. Listen or read encouraging quotes from other writers. Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg and checking out the Creative Penn Podcast will get the creative juices flowing again. Plus, Joanna from the Creative Penn, offers thoughts and ideas for the technology nonsense Indie Writers face.

4. Get active. Running, yoga, or grab a drink away from your usual writing place. Your brain functions at a higher level after physical activity. Duh!

5. Talk to your characters. That’s right, if you can’t have a conversation with your characters, not only are you not crazy but you don’t have a book.

Most importantly, live life so you have something worthwhile to share and teach.

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