Book review

Reading outside my usual genre

As a history scholar, I have to research. It is only right that any history book, fiction or non-fiction, should be accurate. So in my quest to make my novel as real as possible, I have picked up a few books written with a first account of the West. One of which, is the Virginian. Can I just say this book has shocked me. It is highly entertaining, western romance. Not expecting it. At All. Nor is it like Louis Lamour’s writing style. Same genre but Owen Wister has a fascinating way of writing. He writes as though at times he is speaking directly at you, the reader, but then returns to narrating the story, sometimes as a participant and other times just the story teller. It is fabulous. I will update more as I finish reading this work. Don’t let a book cover fool. This one got me.

Painting by Frederic Remingtion - The Cowboy
Painting by Frederic Remington – The Cowboy

Also, lately I have been reading fiction written by men. Let me say this, ladies, comedy is lacking in our writing. We need to entertain all emotion . I think women forget to laugh, so they forget to write it.

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