Author’s manuscript sneak peak

The Leather and Lace series tells the story of three women w-r-buckley-profileand their battle to have freedom to be who they want in a time when men gave the orders. Through loss, pain and homesickness they find love and honest hope in the future. Welcome to 1880 Windy Wyoming.

A peek into the beginning of Clarissa’s Story. Before the big rewrite and before the copy editor gets a hold of it. Enjoy and comment below if you would like to see more.

Chapter One             August 1876 -Wyoming Territory

Dust and grit scraped the eyes, and bronzed the skin. Wyoming wind whipped dirt from under the cattle’s hooves into the faces of the riders, who dared to move the Texas longhorns across the prairie grass.  Three riders approached the hazy scene.

“Watch.” Came the command from the center man. Both greenhorns followed his eyes.


“Watch and learn.”

Both men turned their gaze to the rider-horse duo that their boss, of a few hours, had nodded. The team worked as one, bouncing back and forth, cutting an old girl from the chorus of bailing cows that surrounded her. Just as quickly, another rider came in between the separated cow and herd, moving it in with one of the herds being held by other riders and their canine companions. The melody of these riders continued until they had separated the cattle from those of their neighbors.

As a few other cowboys set a fire to brand a few stray cows they had found, the exhausted rider and horse approached the three onlookers.

“We got a large group of Meyer’s. What do you want us to do with ‘em?”

“You leave ‘em. Him and his boys will be along.”

“And what happens when he meets us with a bunch our own?”

The two new hires glanced at each other. Their horses shifted nervously. Not sure of their boss’ character in the face of contradiction, especially coming from a young long haired Indian, the two men slightly edged their horses back.

“Marv knows me well enough.”

“Aye, that he does. But with all due respect, Pa, I’d like to head them his way.” The rider glanced at the young boys flanking the boss’ horse. “I’ll take ‘em. They looks like they could use some pointers before they stampedes the meat right of our girls.”