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Bind a quilt with a sewing machine

Quilt binding can be simpler than you think. There are a few ways you can do. In this tutorial I will show you how to create binding from your leftover fabric and sew it on using a sewing machine.

  1. Cut 2 inch strips of the material you would like to use for binding. To calculate the amount of strips you need to cut, you need to add the length and width of the quilt and multiply it by 2. So if you have a 42 x 54 quilt then you would need 192 inches of binding. Depending how long your material is, cut the desired amount. If you have a few inches extra it will be easier to finish and we can cut any extra off later.
  2. Iron the strips fold in half. 
  3. Sew strips together in a plus sign. Pattern should be facing each other. Sew at a diagonal. If you sew the strips end to end, it leaves a large bump and makes it very apparent where there is a seam. If you sew using the plus sign as demonstrated below, you get an angled seam that doesn’t bunch the material.
  4. Sew raw edges of strip/binding to the raw edge back of the quilt. Overlap were you begin and end by an inch or so. You do not have to sew the ends together as the next step will hold them in place. You can create another diagonal seam but it requires some patience. 
  5. Roll the binding towards the front and attach by hand sewing or a fun zig-zag across the front.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below. ,Also, Missouri Star Quilting Company offers this youtube video that explains binding with a sewing machine in even greater detail.

Happy Sewing


4 thoughts on “Bind a quilt with a sewing machine”

  1. “add the length and width of the quilt and multiply it by 2. So if you have a 42 x 54 quilt then you would need 132 inches of binding”
    How does (42+54)×2 become 132? 42+54=96, 96×2=192.


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